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Laura studied Graphics and Illustration at Chelsea School of Art

in London and Post Graduate Electronic Imaging at the

Duncan Jordanson School of Art in Dundee.  Laura is an award

winning 3D Visual Artist with a career In television spanning nearly two decades.  Her success has been celebrated by a vast array of award bodies.  Her work for major brands including BskyB, Ford, Panasonic, Disney, Guinness and Gillette culminated in the highest accolade of a BAFTA nomination for her work in the field.

Her jewellery is a combination of cutting edge technology and traditional techniques. Every piece is finished by hand: surface patination, gem setting and tempering all done traditionally.

Laura is a Maker.  Her work utilizes the skills acquired over a life time.  Her aesthetic sensibilities are not easily satisfied, she produces shape and structure which is complex, irregular and human.

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