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Jewellery Care

General Care

  • The best way to keep your jewellery to prevent scratches. Store your jewellery in a separate compartment inside a jewellery box, or in a separate pouch.

  • Try not to drop your jewellery.

  • Keep your jewellery away from chemicals. This will affect the shine of your jewellery. Avoid soaps, shampoo's and perfumes.

  • Don't wear your jewellery in the shower, on the beach or in the sea. Avoid swimming as Chlorine will discolour and damage your jewellery.


All pieces will benefit from a general clean from time to time.  Soak the piece in warm soapy water for a minute or two.  If there is stubborn dirt you can use an old soft toothbrush to gently brush it out from little corners. Follow with a rinse then air dry on some tissue.

Further steps for specific finishes:

  •  Silver jewellery will naturally tarnish over time, the amount of tarnishing (oxidation) that occurs is dependent on the skin and how you look after your jewellery. My Silver jewellery is Rhodium plated to preserve the shine, as the shapes are complex. I recommend Silver polishing cloth to restore the shine. For more stubborn marks, use an old soft tooth brush and gently brush the dirt away. I also recommend cleaning your jewellery using lukewarm water and a soft brush and then finish by polishing with a soft cloth.

  • My Gold jewellery has a textured surface, if pieces are well looked after they wear extremely well. A gently buff with a polishing cloth works well. For more stubborn marks, use an old soft tooth brush and gently brush the dirt away.

  • I offer a professional cleaning, repair and re-plating service on all of my jewellery.

  • If you unsure and need advise.  Please get in touch.

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